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TranslationPot originates from the idea of Alessandra e Luisa, two friends and language graduates with a common educational background who wish the knowledge gained through their experiences in very different fields could merge and flow into this project. TranslationPot presents itself as a young language services and translation company building its success on the expertise and the professionalism of its linguists and offering its clients highly qualitative language services based on the values of mutual respect and fruitful cooperation. Indeed, TranslationPot is a young translation company not much because of its age, but rather because of its fresh essence, a proactive way of providing language services where linguists and clients compare ideas and advice before a virtual coffee pot and become part of a common project.

Starting from these major premises, we continuously enlarge our database of linguists to offer the widest possible range of services and work languages and to always ensure efficient and even more immediate language services thanks to the use of the most advanced IT tools.


A language is a journey of discovery, it is something more than a mere communication channel, it is a key to the interpretation of a different world. TranslationPot represents the desire to make my competence and skills - gained after years of study and language mediation practice - available to all those wishing, for either pleasure or need, to cross their language borders.

Alessandra Pugliese, CEO TranslationPot & main partner, Koppenstrasse 67, 10243 Berlin (Germany)


TranslationPot is for me both a departure and a destination. In this project the experiences gathered over the last years merge with my natural passion for languages and the dream I have always nurtured of building a language services and translation company made up of language professionals who make their expertise and abilities available to companies and single individuals facing the challenges of the new millennium… Well, TranslationPot is my challenge in this new era.

Luisa Villani, CEO TranslationPot, c.so Garibaldi 131, 83011 Altavilla Irpina (Avellino, Italy)

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