Responsive Web Design or Adaptive Web Design?

Dear followers,

Again, works are in progress at TranslationPot!

Since the launch of our first release we have been continuously testing and improving our site. Our primary aim was – and is – to ensure a smooth and completely user-friendly surfing experience and launching our mobile site (release 1.1.0) is with no doubts a key step towards meeting this objective.

As we started talking about the web site, our web developer promptly suggested us to opt for a responsive site. If someone is wondering what I’m talking about, don’t worry, that was Greek to me too!! :-) To put it simply, Responsive Web Design – as opposed to Adaptive Web Design –adapts its layout to different desktop or laptop screens to optimise the user’s experience based on the viewing device. However, a responsive site – this would have become clear to us some time later – is not necessarily adaptive. What does it mean exactly? Well, responsive web design mainly addresses personal computer users; adaptive web design, instead, creates – as the name suggests - adaptable experiences that tailor themselves to the particular detected device in use, hence including mobile phones and tablets.

This was a major limit of our first release (1.0) – actually, it was not a mobile site yet! It took, indeed, just a few minutes until we realized that our responsive site did not adapt well to our mobile devices: the navigation menu was missing – i.e. it was not possible to switch to other pages from the home; the full-screen image gallery was missing too; our logo did not adapt to the page at all; the content blocks linking to other pages overlapped on some devices and were, as a consequence, difficult to read, etc. In other words, it was a disaster! :-)

With mobile devices and tablets gaining ground faster than most can keep up, we could not afford – and did not want – to give up such a big slice of web users, so we put all our efforts and dedication in making it a true mobile site by creating the right web experience for all those wishing to keep in touch with us, whether they are at work or going to work, at the gym or enjoying a relaxing evening with friends.

Let us say that we are very proud of this new objective achieved!

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