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TranslationPot offer includes a comprehensive set of services for companies.

The aim is to offer to companies language services which are tailored to their very specific needs. Companies choosing to entrust the translation of their materials (web content, brochures and leaflets, newsletters, etc.) to TranslationPot, make a communication choice which will let their clients identify them with a language style and, thus, directly impact their marketing strategies.

Indeed, the use of state-of-the-art translation software programmes enables to track previously translated text by generating translation memories which ensure stylistic and lexical uniformity over time. Furthermore, keeping track of the translated texts also acts retroactively: This means that a company which has never relied on the services of a translation agency, but wants to keep previously made lexical and stylistic choices, can at any time benefit from the newest translation tools by simply making available previously translated texts.

World industry leaders have shown how important using a uniform language is. Their success story clearly outlines the existing link between language strategies and marketing strategies. Starting from this, TranslationPot offer relies on customized services for companies, such as our 2+1 solution described below.

2+1 Solution (2 translators + 1 proofreader) and the four-eyes-principle!

In order to ensure the highest quality - or to meet very specific project requirements, such as in the event of large-size projects or very strict deadlines - as part of our services for companies TranslationPot makes available to its most demanding clients a customized solution seeing the simultaneous recourse to at least two translators and one proofreader coordinated by a dedicated project manager, according to the four-eyes-principle. Indeed, particularly challenging projects may require the use of even more translators and interpreters up to a total of 5 translators per project depending on project languages. Besides ensuring faster project completion times, the four-eyes-principle ensures an even higher control on the translated contents by paying special attention to stylistic and lexical uniformity as crucial part of the marketing strategies of those who will choose our services.

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