TranslationPot provides a very wide range of language services in very different fields.

In particular, we are specialised in:


Thanks to the specific educational background of our linguists, we are able to cover almost any field, in particular:



Banking & Finance


Investment, Law

Stock market



App & Games


IT, Media

Software & Hardware

Web content




Communication / Telecommunication



Public Relations, SEO



Aeronautics, Automotive

Environment, Chemistry

Construction industry, Electronics

Engineering, Oil & Gas

Tourism, Transport



Biology, Biotech

Botany, Energy

Medicine, Optics,


Physics, Psychology



Archaeology, Architecture

Art, Culture

History, Literature

Philosophy, Religion


EU, International organisations

Governments & Public Authorities

News / Press releases

Politics, UN



Children’s books

HSE, Human resources


Social sciences



Food & Drink, Cinema / Theatre

Comics, Fashion, Music

Photography, Sport

TV / Radio



Our translations are made by native speakers who have specialised in the specific field of the text to be translated. In order to ensure a highly qualitative final product, prior to delivery to the client all our translations are proofread by a second expert, who shall verify not only the accuracy of the information delivered but also that text fluency is ensured and that the original style is rendered in the target language, while a dedicated project manager shall ensure the smooth interaction between the client on one side, the translator and the proofreader on the other. Besides enabling a more effective execution of the translation process - thanks to considerably faster working times, the immediate recourse to field-specific terminology through translation memories and reference glossaries and the automated project completion progress control for each project - the use of state-of-the-art translation software programmes also allows the translator to translate texts in any format without compromising the original formatting, thus resulting in the significant reduction in processing times for the client, who can now directly use the received file.

Please, check under Languages if the requested language pair is available, if not please send us a request using the contact form you find under Contact Us and we will do our best to respond to your requests.

Sworn translation / Certified translation

In order to be officially accepted in the Country of the requesting authority, some official documents need to be sworn by a qualified professional translator - hence called sworn translator or certified translator according to the procedure in use in that Country (also see our FAQ). In other words, a sworn translator shall declare in front of the competent local authorities that the information contained in the translated document is true and conforming to the original document. This is a common practice when submitting certificates, diplomas, contracts and proceedings - to mention a few examples - in a foreign Country. Should the requesting authority ask for the translation of the original document or of its certified copy, you will need to send it by registered post to the closest sworn translator, who will, in turn, send back the sworn translation and the related documentation to the address provided by the client. All mail costs will be entirely at the expense of the client and reported on the invoice as a separate item together with any possible extra costs (notary fees, revenue stamps, etc.) according to the requirements of the competent local authorities. On the whole, delivery times for the sworn translation of a single-page document are 3 working days + shipping times for the delivery of the original documents by registered mail. Request a quote now by using the dedicated contact form.

Proofreading / Editing

For those needing their draft texts to be proofread before delivery or release (e.g. degree theses, essays or articles, web contents, etc.) we offer proofreading and editing service.
Depending on text type (thesis / article / web page, etc.) and the specific topic being discussed (sales / medical / legal / technical / academic, etc.) we will choose among our language experts the one with the greatest expertise in the field, who will provide, in compliance to your request, one of the three editing services offered by our agency: basic, standard or full editing with content control. Rather than being different services, they represent three different proofreading levels, starting from the merely spelling and stylistic check of basic editing (e.g. typos, grammar and spelling mistakes, etc.), to a more significant rephrasing in favour of greater text fluency and clearer exposition with standard editing, up to including, in its full version, content control, what we call full editing. Indeed, with the exception of clear oversights, standard editing does not include content check. Such a service is available; however, it requires greater expertise and effort in terms of further research on the topic at issue, for this reason it also has a different price. Please check our prices to get a first idea of the cost of your service or request a quote through our contact form specifying the type of service you need.


Interpretation is not simply a verbal translation, but in many respects a significantly different process requiring specific competence and abilities. Interpreters are often regarded as all-knowing beings; however, it is crucial to remember that they are not: This means that we need to provide them with all the necessary means and knowledge to ensure the exact rendering of the original message to the public.
All our interpreters hold a recognised Master's degree in interpreting and have tested and improved their interpreting abilities on site. Among the services offered by our professionals are all major interpretation techniques: Liaison, consecutive, simultaneous and whispered. In order to help you choose the technique you may need, we have included a short description of each of them in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Send your request by using the form you find under Contact Us and you will receive a quote within 24 hours.

General language services

TranslationPot will assist you in any situation where a given knowledge of the local language and culture may turn to be essential. Are you moving to another Country and need help to deal with all the related bureaucratic issues? Did you work abroad and have received after many years notices which you do not understand? Or are you a company looking for new markets but need a professional who can help you better understand your potential new clients? Or are you maybe planning a trip to a foreign Country and wish to taste as much as possible local habits and traditions, away from most predictable tours for tourists? Whatever the reason may be, we can help you make your contact with a foreign culture more comfortable, both in the short and long terms. Contact us through the contact form under Contact Us and we will get back to you promptly.

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