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Dear TranslationPot Friends,

We are here again to introduce a new service made available to clients and loyal followers: Our Newsletter!

The aim is not to spam your mail box; we are rather offering you a direct link to our language services and translation company, which will keep you up-to-date on the latest news in our offer and promotions.

The newsletter will consist in monthly updates focusing on specific service categories and the related best offers of our language services and translation company. While doing so, we will tell you, moreover, why we believe to be the ideal partner for your business.

Subscribing to the newsletter is very easy: You just need to click on the link and fill out the few fields required, thank click on “Subscribe to list” and you are done!

Tell your friends who are launching their business on a foreign market about our newsletter. By subscribing they will be always informed on the services offered by TranslationPot and be able to decide at their own discretion whether and when request a free quote.

Don’t leave your business future to chance, rely on a language services and translation company which brings together the warmth of a coffee pot and the professionalism of experienced and qualified translators and interpreters… Rely on TranslationPot ;)

È pronta la Newsletter di TranslationPot!

newsletter agenzia di traduzioni

Cari amici di TranslationPot,

oggi vogliamo parlarvi di un nuovo servizio messo a disposizione dei clienti e dei follower più affezionati: la nostra newsletter!

Nessuna paura, non vogliamo intasarvi la casella di posta elettronica, ma piuttosto offrirvi una linea diretta con la nostra agenzia di traduzioni e servizi linguistici, che vi permetterà di restare aggiornati sulle ultimissime novità nella nostra offerta e sulle nostre promozioni.

La newsletter sarà strutturata in una serie di appuntamenti con scedenza mensile, in cui vi presenteremo uno dopo l’altro i servizi e le offerte migliori della nostra agenzia di traduzioni, illustrandovi, tra le altre cose, perché crediamo di essere il partner ideale per i vostri servizi linguistici.

Iscriversi alla newsletter è semplicissimo: basta cliccare sul link e compilare i pochi campi richiesti, quindi cliccare sul tasto “Subscribe” e il gioco è fatto.

Parlate di noi ai vostri amici che stanno pensando di lanciare la propria attività sui mercati esteri: iscrivendosi alla nostra newsletter potranno essere sempre informati sui nostri servizi e decidere a propria discrezione se e quando contattarci per richiedere un preventivo gratuito.

Non lasciate al caso il destino della vostra attività, ma rivolgetevi ad un’agenzia di traduzioni e servizi linguistici capace di coniugare il calore di un ambiente familiare con la professionalità di traduttori e interpreti esperti e qualificati... rivolgetevi a TranslationPot ;)

Responsive Web Design or Adaptive Web Design?

mobile site for smartphones

Dear followers,

Again, works are in progress at TranslationPot!

Since the launch of our first release we have been continuously testing and improving our site. Our primary aim was – and is – to ensure a smooth and completely user-friendly surfing experience and launching our mobile site (release 1.1.0) is with no doubts a key step towards meeting this objective.

As we started talking about the web site, our web developer promptly suggested us to opt for a responsive site. If someone is wondering what I’m talking about, don’t worry, that was Greek to me too!! :-) To put it simply, Responsive Web Design – as opposed to Adaptive Web Design –adapts its layout to different desktop or laptop screens to optimise the user’s experience based on the viewing device. However, a responsive site – this would have become clear to us some time later – is not necessarily adaptive. What does it mean exactly? Well, responsive web design mainly addresses personal computer users; adaptive web design, instead, creates – as the name suggests - adaptable experiences that tailor themselves to the particular detected device in use, hence including mobile phones and tablets.

This was a major limit of our first release (1.0) – actually, it was not a mobile site yet! It took, indeed, just a few minutes until we realized that our responsive site did not adapt well to our mobile devices: the navigation menu was missing – i.e. it was not possible to switch to other pages from the home; the full-screen image gallery was missing too; our logo did not adapt to the page at all; the content blocks linking to other pages overlapped on some devices and were, as a consequence, difficult to read, etc. In other words, it was a disaster! :-)

With mobile devices and tablets gaining ground faster than most can keep up, we could not afford – and did not want – to give up such a big slice of web users, so we put all our efforts and dedication in making it a true mobile site by creating the right web experience for all those wishing to keep in touch with us, whether they are at work or going to work, at the gym or enjoying a relaxing evening with friends.

Let us say that we are very proud of this new objective achieved!

Il sito mobile per smartphone e tablet è ora online!

sito mobile per smatphone e tablet

Cari amici,

è il caso di dire che i lavori non finiscono mai in casa TranslationPot!

Uno dopo l’altro stiamo curando tutti i dettagli per garantirvi un’esperienza di navigazione fluida e assolutamente user-friendly. Il lancio del sito mobile con la release 1.1.0 rappresenta un traguardo a dir poco importante all’interno di questo percorso.

Quando abbiamo iniziato a parlare del sito web, il nostro web developer ci ha suggerito subito di optare per un sito responsive e ci ha mostrato alcuni esempi per spiegarci cosa intendeva. In parole semplici, la visualizzazione del sito si sarebbe adattata automaticamente alla risoluzione dei vari schermi, per ottimizzarne l’esperienza da parte dell’utente in base al PC utilizzato. Soltanto più tardi avremmo capito, tuttavia, che un sito responsive non è anche adattivo, non necessariamente per lo meno. La versione 1.0 del sito web offriva, infatti, un'esperienza web principalmente all'utente di PC. Un sito web è invece adattivo se, oltre a ridimensionarsi, si ri-definisce nella struttura, presentando la migliore esperienza di navigazione possibile anche a smarthphone e tablet.

Quello che per il nostro web developer era chiarissimo era molto lontano dall’esserlo per noi. Con il lancio della prima release è bastato, infatti, un attimo per capire che contrariamente alle nostre aspettative il nostro sito responsive non si adattava agli schermi dei nostri smartphone: mancava la barra menù – era in pratica impossibile passare ad una pagina diversa dalla home; la gallery con lo scorrimento automatico delle immagini – che era stata oggetto di tante attenzioni e numerose modifiche - non veniva visualizzata; il logo si sovrapponeva agli articoli scrollando la pagina verso il basso; i moduli della home che rimandano ai vari sottomenù – i servizi per le imprese, il modulo di richiesta preventivo, l’anteprima dei nostri servizi, ecc. - su alcuni smatphone si accavallavano l’uno all’altro, tanto da non riuscire a leggerne il contenuto, ecc. Insomma, una vera catastrofe! :-)

Ora, con le dovute modifiche e con tanto lavoro e passione, abbiamo reso la nuova versione con il sito mobile totally responsive, offrendo una corretta esperienza a chiunque desideri contattarci, che potrà farlo dalla metro, dal posto di lavoro, in palestra o stando comodamente seduto al bar con gli amici.

Permetteteci di dire che siamo molto soddisfatte di questo nuovo obiettivo raggiunto!

What does it take to create a translation company?

how to create a translation company

So, here we go!

Just a few weeks from launching TranslationPot’s web site we are ready to share our first impressions.

After months of learning, collecting data, designing and figuring out how our translation company would look like, just two months ago we finally made the first step towards reaching out to a wider audience and promoting our language services while continuously refining and shaping them to better meet the needs of our clients.

There would be so much to say about the last twelve months, seeing us all hot about the preparation works, trying to explain to friends and relatives what we were doing the whole time. After all… what does it take to create a translation company!? Languages are not a topic to be discussed with non-linguists, we are all aware of that. It is, indeed, a common belief that anyone who spent one year in London or Madrid may be a good translator of English or Spanish. Actually, we know that it does not really work like that; neither has it weakened our enthusiasm and dedication.
We do know, in fact, that a good language services and translation company needs qualified translation and interpretation professionals. They are passionate linguists who have been spending each and any day of their studies and further education path refining more and more their knowledge of a foreign language – two or three at the best – and despite that continuously strive to fully master it. That is, indeed, the kind of linguists that builds up TranslationPot’s team!

Starting from those major premises, we have tried to figure out where to start: We have been collecting data, going through hundreds of applications, playing the graphic designer and the web master – supported, of course, by real graphic designers and web masters! – and, not least, we have asked ourselves what we would offer to our clients and why someone bumping into our web site should choose us, or rather why we would like to be chosen.

The name itself, TranslationPot, somehow answers this question: It is meant to be a melting pot between linguists and clients, a virtual place where web users can ask for language services and be aware that we will listen to them and support them throughout the process, a place where clients indirectly contribute to the execution of the service they request. How can all of this be possible? Actually, it is easier than it may seem: By talking to us, by explaining what kind of text is expected and what feelings it shall arouse. Words are magic tools which can evoke very different moods. However, only the necessary dialogue between the writer and who has the tough task to transfer the message into another language can ensure that the intentions of the first are reflected in the words of the latter.

We are deeply convinced that a good language services and translation company shall ensure this kind of interaction and support both its clients and its translation and interpretation professionals throughout the process. Clients’ satisfaction on one hand and the enthusiastic involvement of our translation and interpretation experts on the other hand are, in our opinion, the key to ensure professional language services; it is, indeed, for this reason that TranslationPot pays the greatest attention even to the smallest order and this is how we will deal with your orders.

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