What does it take to create a translation company?

So, here we go!

Just a few weeks from launching TranslationPot’s web site we are ready to share our first impressions.

After months of learning, collecting data, designing and figuring out how our translation company would look like, just two months ago we finally made the first step towards reaching out to a wider audience and promoting our language services while continuously refining and shaping them to better meet the needs of our clients.

There would be so much to say about the last twelve months, seeing us all hot about the preparation works, trying to explain to friends and relatives what we were doing the whole time. After all… what does it take to create a translation company!? Languages are not a topic to be discussed with non-linguists, we are all aware of that. It is, indeed, a common belief that anyone who spent one year in London or Madrid may be a good translator of English or Spanish. Actually, we know that it does not really work like that; neither has it weakened our enthusiasm and dedication.
We do know, in fact, that a good language services and translation company needs qualified translation and interpretation professionals. They are passionate linguists who have been spending each and any day of their studies and further education path refining more and more their knowledge of a foreign language – two or three at the best – and despite that continuously strive to fully master it. That is, indeed, the kind of linguists that builds up TranslationPot’s team!

Starting from those major premises, we have tried to figure out where to start: We have been collecting data, going through hundreds of applications, playing the graphic designer and the web master – supported, of course, by real graphic designers and web masters! – and, not least, we have asked ourselves what we would offer to our clients and why someone bumping into our web site should choose us, or rather why we would like to be chosen.

The name itself, TranslationPot, somehow answers this question: It is meant to be a melting pot between linguists and clients, a virtual place where web users can ask for language services and be aware that we will listen to them and support them throughout the process, a place where clients indirectly contribute to the execution of the service they request. How can all of this be possible? Actually, it is easier than it may seem: By talking to us, by explaining what kind of text is expected and what feelings it shall arouse. Words are magic tools which can evoke very different moods. However, only the necessary dialogue between the writer and who has the tough task to transfer the message into another language can ensure that the intentions of the first are reflected in the words of the latter.

We are deeply convinced that a good language services and translation company shall ensure this kind of interaction and support both its clients and its translation and interpretation professionals throughout the process. Clients’ satisfaction on one hand and the enthusiastic involvement of our translation and interpretation experts on the other hand are, in our opinion, the key to ensure professional language services; it is, indeed, for this reason that TranslationPot pays the greatest attention even to the smallest order and this is how we will deal with your orders.

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